Find java class files in JAR and ZIP libraries ...
The Problem ...
  • How to find Java classes or packages contained in JAR and ZIP files (libraries). This tool helps when you are having problems finding a class that you need in order to compile your project.
  • Resolve NoClassDefFoundError aka "ClassDefNotFound" and ClassNotFoundException exceptions quickly and easily by telling you what library contains the missing class.

  • The Tool ... (JarScan)
  • The tool is written in Java and will run on any system that has Java 1.4 or higher installed. It is available as a standalone, high performance Java application or as a online web application.

  • Online Tool ...
  • Search through an online database of Java libraries (JAR and ZIP files) to find those classes you've been looking for ... click here (JarScan Online)

  • Download The Tool ...
    JarScan version 2.1 (released: 08.31.2008)   release notes
    Examples ...
  • To display the help message type:
      java -jar jarscan.jar -help OR java -jar jarscan.jar
  • To find the class ArrayList starting from the root of your c: drive type:
      java -jar jarscan.jar -dir c:\ -class ArrayList

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